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This is your opportunity to take the next step and begin building your own business with Regeneca. There are 2 ways to join but only 1 way to maximize the compensation plan!

Independent Business Owner (IBO)

As an Independent Business Owner you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Purchase all products at Wholesale Price
  • Earn Commissions on all Sales (Royalty Bonuses, Fast Start Bonus, Starmaker Bonus, Retail Profits, Lifestyle Bonus, and Revenue Bonuses)
  • Business Building Websites
  • Regeneca IBO Backoffice and Reports
  • Additional tools and event invitations exclusive to IBOs

CLICK HERE to enroll as an IBO


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Online Associate

An Online Associate is for those not ready to build the business full-time, but interested in purchasing product and sharing product with others.

As an Online Associate you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Replicated Product Sharing Website
  • Retail Profits and Fast Start Bonuses
  • Pay Retail Price for all Product Purchases
  • Opportunity to Upgrade to an IBO at anytime

CLICK HERE to sign up as an Online Associate


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